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Our Equisimulator offers experienced and novice clients the opportunity to improve their riding and fitness levels.  This invaluable teaching aid offers many benefits from synchronising rider with horse to improving balance and position, whilst also increasing fitness levels and core strength.
Unlike when riding a horse, with the Equisimulator the instructor can stand next to the rider and show them the precise movements of the lower back and pelvis hands on, therefore helping them to  maintain the correct position and balance in all the paces, including canter.  The use of mirrors around the simulator also helps the rider to view their own position without worrying about where the horse is going.
The simulator can also improve fitness levels, without the need for an instructor the individual can hire out the simulator providing a “work-out” to improve muscle tone, strength and fitness.

Please contact us to arrange an Equisimulator lesson or to answer any questions you may have.

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