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Indoor Arena

Our indoor arena provides an enclosed area protected from the elements with a sand/rubber surface. Located adjacent to the lecture room this allows easy access between the two for lecture demonstrations, courses and clinics.


Outdoor Arena

Post and railed, 40 metres x 20 metres in size with a new cushion ride surface giving a safe and forgiving riding area in all but the worst of weathers!


Round Pen

20 metres in diametre providing the ideal size for lunging, liberty and loose schooling work.

The sand/rubber surface provides a very stable and comfortable surface


Lecture Room

Our heated lecture room incorporates modern training aids including a large flat panel television, complete with PC interface for dynamic and effective visual displays. The location of the

lecture room also allows easy access to the indoor arena for integration of classroom and

practical training.


Jump Paddock

A post and rail grass paddock approximately 60m x 50m which during the summer months has a

set of modern show jumps laid out.


Equisimulator Room

A purpose designed room housing our essential piece of training equipment for any rider.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert our equisimulator combined with

knowledgeable and experienced coaching will assist in honing and improving your skills.

Video of the horse in motion in each pace can be viewed via the computer screen to

assist with understanding of sequence of legs and absorbing natural horse movement.


Stable Blocks

The centre is split into three yards or stable blocks for convenience. One of the yards is of a

traditional wooden construction whilst the other two are mainly traditional brick internal stables, proving shelter and insulation in the winter months and a consistent cool retreat in the summer


Fields & Turnout

The centre is situated in a total of approximately 35 acres and we aim to provide all year turnout for both our own horses and liveries. We have a number of separate paddocks to allow individual or herd grazing with purpose built access tracks between each paddock providing safe and convenient access.

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